Why TEU?


We have been helping individuals reach their personal vocational goals for over twenty-five years.


All staff are well educated and regularly participate in continuing education.


Individualized programming, developing services that meet the specialized needs of each person.


We understand the difficulties and celebrate the achievements of each person we serve.


Transition Services

Community based activities developing self advocacy skills, ability to navigate within the community, interpersonal skills, and a focus for the future.

Vocational Exploration

Exposure to various jobs, giving the chance to develop knowledge of vocational opportunities to make informed choices.

Job Development

Learning all the basic job seeking skills while working with staff to secure appropriate employment.

Job Coaching

Assistance in learning job tasks, developing good work habits, and teaching the social skills necessary to maintain employment.



Founded on the principle that there is place for everyone, our goal is to provide services that maximize each person’s potential.

We work in the community, developing an individualized plan by working collaboratively with all parties involved.

We understand that each individual is unique.  We take into account personal preferences and the needs that must be honored.