Why TEU?


We have been helping individuals reach their personal vocational goals for over twenty-five years.


All our staff have Bachelor’s Degrees, many are trained teacher/educators.


We understand the difficulties and celebrate the achievements of each person we serve.


Behavior Modification

A one-of-a-kind program to help individuals identify the attitudes and behaviors blocking them from finding and/or maintaining employment.

Vocational Assessments

We conduct Working Evaluations and Working Interviews focusing on individual goals.

Direct Placement

Our Job Developers focus on finding the most appropriate employment opportunities.

Job Coaching

Assistance in learning job tasks, developing strategies for success, and natural supports.

Interview Preparedness

Update a resume, develop a good cover letter, practice interviewing, learn how to respond to common questions, and develop negotiation skills.


We hold these values:

  • Every person has inherent self worth, and is therefore worthy of our respect.

  • Every person has the right to self-determination and we work toward maximizing that right.

Basic Premise

The majority of people want to be competitively employed for the mutual benefit of society and themselves and for their own self worth.

We strive to give support to each individual to accept responsibility for their own future. Accepting this responsibility can be difficult, but is of prime importance to maximize the right to self-determination.