Transitional Employment Unlimited was established in 1982. Its goal then, as it is now, is to help people maintain long-term competitive employment. TEU works with individuals to provide placement assistance and vocational support to both those entering and returning to the work force. We provide the chance to explore personal vocational options, remediate behavioral barriers, seek employment opportunities and teach the skills needed to maintain long-term employment.

Working with the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, the Department of Developmental Services, and Connecticut public schools for over 30 years has given us extensive experience in vocational rehabilitation. TEU has developed jobs in a variety of settings – from apple orchards to universities, convenience stores to corporate headquarters. Staff members are well-educated professionals who know how to teach, how to listen, and how to effectively support each individual no matter where they are in their vocational process. We serve individuals in the Hartford, Torrington, Manchester, New Britain, New Haven, Bridgeport and Waterbury areas.

DDS Services

Transitional Employment Unlimited (TEU) offers DDS consumers the opportunity to learn, participate, and grow each day in a variety of domains.

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School Services

Community based activities developing self advocacy skills, ability to navigate within the community, interpersonal skills, and a focus for the future.

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Vocational Rehabilitation Services

We strive to give support to each individual to accept responsibility for their own future, which is of prime importance to maximize the right to self-determination.

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