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Student Transition

Navigating Possibilities


TEU is approved by the CT State Dept. of Education Bureau to provide transition services to students enrolled in Special Education.

The Special Education Transition Vocational Program is the primary way TEU staff help students achieve a variety of goals made by the student and their support team


Effective and meaningful transition services are the product of careful planning driven by a young person’s dreams, desires, and abilities.


​Vocational activities take place in the community at work sites and other locations with the goal of helping young adults acquire the skills necessary to secure and maintain community connections and take steps towards employment and success after they leave school.



  • Collaboration – Collective approach between schools, parents, and student before and during transition.

  • Relationships – Provides connections with caring adults, peers and community supports.

  • Customization- Recognizing a students unique dreams, goals, and aspirations from the start when developing program goals.

  • Having a rigorous plan for providing relentless support.

  • TEU’s transition program ultimately helps students answer the question, “What’s next after high school?”


We have been helping individuals reach their personal vocational goals for over almost forty years.

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