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DDS Services


Transitional Employment Unlimited (TEU) is a qualified provider for the Department of Development Services. Our daily program incorporates Person Centered activities to all Individuals within our program. These activities allow the opportunity to learn, participate, and grow each day in a variety of domains.


Our main focus is on obtaining & maintaining successful employment and working toward independent living to the best of each Individual’s ability.

We have several small-group community work sites throughout the greater Torrington area. In addition, we support Individuals in competitive employment settings of their interest, while others participate in honing their work skills by volunteering in the community on a scheduled basis. Still other TEU Individuals are learning about work and daily living skills through our Center based activities. ​


Trained TEU Staff encourage each Individual to participate in various activities.

Some of those activities include:

  • Self-Advocacy- Knowing Rights & ADA Provisions

  • Healthy Relationships- Effective communication at Work & Personally

  • Personal Health- Yoga, walking in the community, daily hygiene

  • Relaxation Techniques- Deep breathing exercises, Music & Art Therapies

  • Cooking- Preparing Healthy Snacks & Meals

  • Money Management- Understanding a Paycheck, Banking & Making Purchases

  • Time Management- Completing tasks, taking appropriate breaks and Timeclocks

  • Hobbies- crafting, games, trivia, etc. Many Individuals teach classes to their peers.


Guest speakers from the community and trips to interesting places provide even more opportunity for learning.

"What if I fail?"  
"Oh, but Darling, what if you fly …?"

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