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Why should your business use TEU?






Pre-Screened Candidates


  • Qualify employee's skills and align with employer needs

  • Review employee's background and resume

  • Supervise employee where necessary for the duration of trial period

Low New Employee costs

During the trial period TEU WILL ...

  • Pay wages to the qualified temporary employee

  • Carry workers compensation and liability insurance

  • Provide an experienced trainer (where necessary) to ensure the employee performs to your standard

Save money

No expensive ads needed to find a source of qualified reliable employees


We help train employee, so your staff can stay focused and productive


Save TIME & money

By hiring a qualified candidate the first time!

TEU Provides...

Source of qualified, prescreened employees. All of our clients recommended for consideration are evaluated by our staff for their skills and appropriateness.

Free supervised trial work period. Eligible clients are paid by us and supervised while performing your job - a “working interview”.

Assistance obtaining Work Opportunity Tax Credits. Employers and qualified clients are assisted in timely completion of the required forms.

Free training for new employees. Our experienced Site Counselors provide free training to new employees hired through our program. We focus on developing a strong work ethic and reinforcing a positive attitude.

Assistance obtaining On-the-Job Training funds (OJT). You can receive reimbursement from the state for the cost of training. You are reimbursed for the cost of providing specific training. We arrange for the appropriate state representative to talk with you. A contract is set-up specific to your needs.

Employee Assistance as an accommodation under ADA. Disabled employees benefit from one-on-one evaluation and assistance.

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